Kanye made a fur
backpack, mighty and listless.
The winter is here.


Kanye West, you have
Diamond teeth, and you came to
OWS. Awesome.


Roads, paved with platinum,
Stretch out Through the Wire, go
North. South. East. Then West.


percussions have, those
repercussions. gathering
glacially. louder.


And Kanye said, the
stage shall be BRIGHT. Think Matrix.
All dancers, no guns.


Hopeless beginnings,
hopeful for the limitless.
a college dropout.


Interrupt a blonde,
They might remember. But they
Can’t forget music.


kanye haikus bleed
from my soul they pour too fast
shame or glory waits?


kanye smiles now
I am just the espresso
kardashian west

There are wolves, Kanye.
See their bodies, sharp with light?
You are brighter still.
-Dalton Day


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